Adult Exercise Equipment

Outdoor Fitness in Lavendon

During our busy summer period we installed an outdoor fitness area for Lavendon Parish Council, which provides 7 new items of free to use fitness equipment.

The items will provide a full body workout for a wide range of abilities and ages, from the Air Strider and the DDA friendly Arm & Leg Strengthener to the more challenging Multi-Traction (for leg lifts and chin ups).

Tockwith Fighting Fit

Six items of Fitness Equipment have recently been installed in the North Yorkshire village of Tockwith, offering users the chance to socilise and be active at the same time.

Included within the project are two DDA Friendly items of fitness: The SDD122s Tai Chi Spinner and the SDD306s Leg & Arm Strengthener.

Take a look at the completed site:

For more videos please visit our Streetscape YouTube channel that features completed sites as well as instructional videos on how to use our fitness equipment!

Rainbow Lane Fit For All

A fantastic new outdoor fitness area is now open and ready for use at the Rainbow Lane play area in the North Yorkshire town of Malton.

Streetscape were asked to replace an old and tired wooden fitness trail that had recently failed an inspection report. A total of 7 items of outdoor fitness equipment were installed which provides up to 13 people a total of 10 different exercises.

Also included in the project is the Warrior POD 2, designed to cater for body weight training and increasing flexibility and strength.
Perfect for group workouts such as circuit training or boot camps, our Warrior PODs offer something for everyone. The Warrior POD 2 also includes areas for suspension training, a form of resistance training that includes multiple bodyweight exercises.

To complete the project a set of hurdles and leap frog posts were included to create the perfect fitness area for both residents and visitors to Malton.

Redbourn’s New Outdoor Gym!

Redbourn Parish Council identified a need for a new Outdoor Gym area and following consultation with the local running club, Stephens Way was chosen as the ideal location.

Following a successful funding application the project went ahead with funds to help provide 5 different items of outdoor fitness. The equipment was positioned in a visible location, to encourage locals to workout in the fresh air with the 5 different items offering 9 different exercises for up to 9 people at any one time, providing a gentle workout combining different challenges for upper and lower body conditioning.

As Stephens Way Recreation Ground is on a hill, the low impact element of the outdoor fitness equipment means the Redbourn runners should still be able to conserve enough energy to run up the hill!

Fitness for Burley

Three items of Fitness Equipment have recently been installed at Grange Park in Burley In Wharfedale.

The three items compliment the recently completed play area, offering users the chance to socilise and be active at the same time.

Included within the project is the SDD122s Tai Chi Spinners, suitable for two users and an Inclusive fitness item.

Why not view some of our sites on YouTube? Follow the below link to our channel, Streetscape Products, to view some of our most recently installed projects:

Streetscape YouTube Channel



Warrior Fitness for Leeds Academy

Completed during the school summer holidays, Streetscape were asked to install a Warrior POD 3 Calisthenics training frame for Ruth Gorse Academy in Leeds.

Designed to cater for body weight training and increasing flexibility and strength. Perfect for group workouts, such as circuit training, our Calisthenic Zones offer something for everyone.

Warrior POD 3 Includes:

Parallel Bars  /  Double Abs Bench  /  Suspension Training Area  /  Horizontal Ladder  /  Leg Lift Zone  /  Inclined Leap Bar  /  Battle Ropes Connection Point.

Custom Colour options are also available upon request.

Eureka Park fitness ready to go

South Derbyshire District Council have installed their third outdoor fitness scheme in the impressive Eureka Park. The District Council sort tenders from a variety of contractors and Streetscape were chosen to supply and install the project.

The items were selected by a consultation group made up of Cllr Sandra Wyatt, Pauline Wakefield (Volunteer),Karen Richards, Mick Lunn and Dawn Husson, along with input from 1211 Squadron Air Cadets, who are based in the park. Comments from the consultation process favouring our equipment were “Eye catching and has more variety” and “Lots of pair activities”

The result was 9 items of fitness equipment chosen to allow a full body workout. There can be an impressive number of users ,15, challenging themselves with 13 different activities.

The images show Sean Shuttleworth – Active Nation – Fitness Instructor showing South Derbyshire District Councillor Chairman Councillor Michael Stanton, Consort Mrs Heather Stanton, Councillor Sandra Wyatt and Pauline Wakefield – Member of the Volunteer Consultation Group, how to use the equipment to gain maximum benefit from the items.

Funding for the outdoor gym has been provided by Public Health money £5k and funding from the Active Grove Project £10k.

Burton Calisthenics Club

Founded in 2015, Burton Calisthenics Club approached East Staffordshire Borough Council with an idea to provide a Calisthenics Training Frame for both it’s members and the community. Following the presentation of an idea to the Neighborhood Forum, companies were invited to tender for the project with Streetscape being the successful bidder.

The aim of Burton Calisthenics Club is to encourage people lead more healthy and active lives through exercise and good nutrition. One of the reasons it’s been accepted is that project meets the priority of East Staffordshire Borough Council which is protecting and strengthening communities and also East Staffordshire is part of Healthy Cities network and promoting healthy activities is an important element of that. Engaging healthy activities in communities creates more motivation, encourages people to engage in a challenge, take interest in other sports, improves socializing and discourages from bad habits and unhealthy addictions. Each individual’s physical activity and balanced nutrition is very important part in creating strong and happy society.

With help from various funding sources such as Tesco’s Bags of Help, and multiple fund raising and awareness events through local organisations such as Dads4dads and Harvey’s Girls, the bespoke design Calisthenics unit was successfully installed with an Open Day held to thank all those involved to make the project a success.

Burton Calisthenics Club now have a membership of over 40 members from 7 different countries and regularly organise events such as organised pull up challenges and group exercise classes.

For inquiries and training times visit Burton Calisthenics Facebook page.