Warrior Fitness

Introducing the Warrior Range, an exciting range of Outdoor Fitness Equipment where items can either be installed individually or form part of a trail or assault
course. Our Warrior Range provides challenging exercises for experienced users and also offers physical activity for beginners and the entire community. Perfect for encouraging exercise in public parks, the Warrior Range offers opportunities to improve and strengthen the upper and lower body and enhance co-ordination.

Within our Warrior Range we also offer our all new Calisthenic Zones, designed to cater for body weight training and increasing flexibility and strength. Perfect for
group workouts such as circuit training or boot camps, our Calisthenic Zones offer something for everyone. This includes areas for suspension training, a form of resistance training that includes multiple bodyweight exercises. Our Calisthenic Zones are compact in design which reduces the surfacing and space requirements and can also be custom designed to suit. To view the Calisthenic Zones search our Warrior PODs Range.

The Warrior Range is UK manufactured at our factory in Selby, North Yorkshire to the recommendations of EN16630 for permanently installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Custom Colour options are also available upon request.