Rainbow Lane Fit For All

Rainbow Lane Fit For All

A fantastic new outdoor fitness area is now open and ready for use at the Rainbow Lane play area in the North Yorkshire town of Malton.

Streetscape were asked to replace an old and tired wooden fitness trail that had recently failed an inspection report. A total of 7 items of outdoor fitness equipment were installed which provides up to 13 people a total of 10 different exercises.

Also included in the project is the Warrior POD 2, designed to cater for body weight training and increasing flexibility and strength.
Perfect for group workouts such as circuit training or boot camps, our Warrior PODs offer something for everyone. The Warrior POD 2 also includes areas for suspension training, a form of resistance training that includes multiple bodyweight exercises.

To complete the project a set of hurdles and leap frog posts were included to create the perfect fitness area for both residents and visitors to Malton.

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